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We are a faith based non-profit organization that seeks to empower and equip individuals to succeed through education, job readiness, housing development, and quality of life.

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We are passionate about education! The State of Alabama is ranked among the lowest in the country in public school educational systems.  Our vision is to provide tutoring and personal counseling to children and their parents on the importance of education and goal setting. For those individuals that seek to obtain a GED (General Education Diploma), our organization is committed to providing adult education resources to get individuals prepared for the GED exam.  The organization seeks to provide every individual that desires an education, the necessary intervention in helping them to achieve this milestone in their lives.

ACT/College Preparation

We are committed to developing individuals throughout every stage of their life.  With hands on training and development throughout the student’s matriculation through high school, the organization provides specialized training in successfully completing college entrance exams and provides guidance in choosing career paths and college choices.  Our goal is to help provide solid advice and leadership in helping students make major life decisions that in some cases would not have had the assistance without the resources and support of Christian Brothers Network, Inc.  The organization will offer college scholarships to deserving individuals that have excelled in education and has a financial need in meeting tuition cost.

Job Readiness

We are focused on job readiness! Resume writing, interviewing, and soft skill development are critical components in securing employment and finding a great career.  Intensive ready to work workshops and interpersonal skill assessments are offered to prepare individuals for a rewarding employment opportunity.  Partnerships with educational institutions, social service agencies, and businesses helps us to design programs to identify a pathway to employment.

Housing Development

We look for housing opportunities! We are determined to help deserving individuals own their home and to become self-sufficient.  The organization will provide housing options for individuals that desire to complete the home buying process and create a safe environment for their family.  Once individuals have displayed the competency of budgeting and financial planning; Christian Brothers Network, Inc. will work with other entities that specialize in mortgage lending and credit counseling and to help deserving individuals purchase their own home.  These partnerships allow us to empower individuals to get their education, find employment, and then purchase a home that they will own themselves.

Our Team

Jerry McKay

In honor of our Founding President
July 27, 1958 – August 15, 2013

Darius McKay


P.O. Box 1182
Dothan, AL 36302

Delvick McKay

Vice President

P.O. Box 1182
Dothan, AL 36302

Board Members

G. JaMar Walton

Greg Pendergrass

Jerry Spivey

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